July 13, 1971

 What happened on Tuesday, July 13, 1971
  • At 6 pm, a group of freedom fighters led by Captain Gaffar launched a surprise attack on the Mandabhag Bazar and Nakterbazar positions of the Pak army in Comilla, using mortars. In this attack, 12 Pak soldiers were killed and several bunkers were destroyed. 4 freedom fighters were injured when the Pak army retaliated with artillery, firing on the position of the freedom fighters.
  • At 10 pm, two groups of freedom fighters led by Captain Zafar Imam of Sector 2 attacked the Dattasardighi and Amtala positions of the Pak army. Fifteen Pak soldiers were wounded and some were killed.
  • A Mukti Bahini ambush team attacked a Pak patrol speedboat on the Gomti river north of Daudkandi. 21 Pak soldiers including a lieutenant were killed in this ambush. The ambush team recovered a great number of weapons.
  • The freedom fighters of Kushtia attacked the Darshana camp of the Pak army. In this operation, 12/14 Pak soldiers were killed.
  • Led by Lance naik Mannan, 13 trained fighters and 200 local freedom fighters jointly ambushed a patrol of the Pak Army at Laxmipur village of Fulbaria police station. In this ambush, the freedom fighters seized 43 rifles, 3 LMGs, 1 Chinese LMG, 2 Chinese rifles and 2 SMGs.
  • The freedom fighters attacked the armed collaborators guarding the Swarisadi Bridge on the Feni-Gunoboti railway line. Some of the collaborators were killed and others fled. Later the freedom fighters destroyed the bridge with controlled demolition. As a result, the rail communication between Feni and Gunoboti was completely cut off for the Pak army.
  • Major Moinul Hossain Chowdhury was appointed as the Commanding Officer of Captain Hafizuddin Ahmed’s Battalion and took charge.
  • People’s Party chairman Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto told a news conference in Karachi that he had said in Tehran that the government should hold talks with members of the Awami League who were not involved in the separatist movement, and not with the outlawed Awami League. He said that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had had an unrealistic attitude from the very beginning of the talks. The intent for a separatist movement became fully clear only when Sheikh Mujibur Rahman spoke of splitting the National Assembly into two committees. That was why the government later declared the Awami League illegal and Sheikh Saheb was arrested. He added that the National Assembly would remain as it was. Only those members of the Awami League who had joined the separatist movement had lost their membership of the council.
  • A Notun Bazar Peace Committee was formed in Mymensingh with Convention Muslim League leader and former provincial minister Fakruddin Ahmed as convener and A E B Reza as secretary.
  • British Foreign Secretary Sir Alec Douglas Hume said in response to a question in Parliament that the Indian and Pakistani embassies had failed to determine the exact number of people killed in the Pakistani riots.

Translated by Mohammad Towhidul Islam
Editorial contribution by Arghya Raihan
Researched, compiled & Edited by Sagar Lohani


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