May 01, 1971

 What happened on Saturday, May 01, 1971
  • On this day, Frank Judd, a major parliamentary private secretary to British opposition leader Harold Wilson, wrote a letter to Foreign Secretary Sir Alec Douglas-Hume demanding an immediate halt to aid Pakistan.
  • Returning to London after a visit to West Bengal, Bruce Douglasman told “The Sunday Telegraph” that he had met with Prime Minister Tajuddin Ahmed in a liberated area of Bangladesh after seeing firsthand the plight of the refugees and had a discussion with the Under-secretary of state for foreign affairs Anthony Royle regarding this. “The crisis in East Bengal is not a domestic affair of Pakistan,” he asserted.
  • Indian Minister for industries Moinul Haque Chowdhury, while inspecting the refugee camp in Agartala, said, “Bangladesh is a reality. There is no doubt about its future. The Bengalis will win in the end. The world should accept it.”
  • Around 600 expatriate Bengalis peacefully protested against the first match of the Pakistani cricket team in Worcester, England.
  • Syed Badruzzaman (SB Zaman), an elected provincial member from Mymensingh, severed ties with the Awami League. He called upon the people of Mymensingh to co-operate with the Pakistani armed forces to maintain the integrity of Pakistan.
  • On the orders of Major Shafiullah, Lieutenant Golam Helal Morshed Khan of the 2nd Bengal Regiment, along with a platoon of fighters, set out from Teliapara via Madhabpur to attack the Pakistani troops at Shahbazpur.
  • The Pak invader forces started shelling the area around Ramgarh in Chittagong. One party of the Pak army took the main road and the other party advanced towards the hills east-south of Ramgarh.
  • Naik Siraj set an ambush with a platoon of fighters near the Bagadia Bridge in Comilla. When three trucks and a jeep of the Pak army approached, the freedom fighters attacked with great force. In this battle 15-20 Pak soldiers were killed. In the history of the war of liberation, this battle is known as the ‘Battle of Bagadia’.
  • The Pak invader forces again attacked Barakamta in Comilla and set fire to the houses upon entering the village.
  • In Dhaka, the military authorities ordered the removal of unauthorized houses and slums along the city’s railway lines and roads.
  • The Pakistani government said, “Some people have taken refuge across the border, confused by anti-social elements. The fact is that India is doing business in the name of providing refuge.”
  • Muslim League (Qayyum) chief Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan demanded the formulation of a constitution, saying that, ”Such a situation will not arise again if a constitution is formulated keeping in the tragic situation in East Pakistan. This is the right time to formulate the constitution.”

Translated by Mohammad Towhidul Islam
Editorial contribution by Arghya Raihan
Researched, compiled & Edited by Sagar Lohani


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