May 02, 1971

 What happened on Sunday, May 02, 1971
  • The number of asylum seekers in different states of India was at this point 8 lakhs 67 thousand 428.
  • In the morning, the Pakistani army, using artillery and mortars, launched a two-pronged attack on the headquarters of the freedom fighters in Chittagong. After fighting all day, the freedom fighters left Ramgarh, crossed the border and took up position in Sabroom of India. The Pak army entered Ramgarh at night and unleashed hell on the inhabitants, killing, raping and setting fire.
  • The freedom fighters launched a fierce attack on the Pak army stationed at Kishoreganj. On the other hand, the Pak army launched a long-range attack from a place called Birol, ten miles away from Kishoreganj. One person was killed and several others were injured in a bomb blast at a refugee camp at Radhikapur on the Indian border.
  • In the early stages of the freedom fighters’ control of the Teliapara area, Captain Matin, Captain Subedar Ali Bhuiyan, a novice officer and his team reached Shahjibazar through the village.
  • At Pirojpur, Siraj Sikder formed a committee in order to begin guerrilla warfare. Jahanara Begum, wife of Siraj Sikder, was elected as the chairperson of the committee and Shahnewaz was elected as the Commander-in-Chief. Mujib was elected as the public communications person and Mahtab as a member. The base area was divided into several sectors.
  • Lt. General Tikka Khan visited Barisal and Faridpur. There he instructed the members of the army to be more active in suppressing the miscreants.
  • Newly appointed Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan H Saraburk declared that his government fully supports Pakistan.
  • Roisi Begum, daughter of Sher-e-Bangla, made a statement on behalf of the invading forces to create division between the freedom fighters and the freedom-loving Bengalis. “Some miscreants and Indian agents have endangered our independence and solidarity,” she said in a statement. “But our army did not allow the enemy’s attempt to succeed. We know how to take revenge,” she insisted. “We will defeat the enemies.”
  • At a meeting in Khulna organized by the peace committee, Sabur Khan said that apart from a few individuals Pakistanis had rejected ‘Bengali nationalism’. “It is not even a doctrine. Pakistan was born in exchange for many sacrifices and bloodshed. We cannot allow Pakistan to be destroyed. We are all in favor of Pakistani nationalism. We will save Pakistan with our lives.”

Translated by Mohammad Towhidul Islam
Editorial contribution by Arghya Raihan
Researched, compiled & Edited by Sagar Lohani


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