October 03, 1971


What happened on Sunday, October 03, 1971

  • Soviet President Nikolai Podgorny arrived in New Delhi on an unscheduled short visit. He held separate talks with Indian President V V Giri and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Before leaving New Delhi for Hanoi, he said that “The Soviet Union has offered all possible assistance based on the current attitude of Russia-India relations to reach a political solution in Bangladesh.”
  • In Sector 2, a strong contingent of Pak army soldiers advanced towards Anantapur and Dhanikunda. The Pak army, using heavy artillery and mortars, shelled the positions of the freedom fighters, while the Pak infantry forces attacked simultaneously. When the Pak army reached within 40/50 yards of the freedom fighters’ position, the freedom fighters began the counter-attack against the invaders. 25/30 Pak soldiers were killed in this action. On this side, several freedom fighters were martyred. Eventually, the freedom fighters abandoned the advance base under pressure from the Pak army assault and retreated to their main base. When the Pak army also attacked the main base of the freedom fighters, the freedom fighters repulsed them with artillery and mortar shells. The Pak army, in turn, was unable to withstand the pressure of the freedom fighters and retreated. 40/50 Pak soldiers were killed here. One freedom fighter was martyred and 5 others were injured.
  • A Pak army launch on its way to Saidabad with ammunition and supplies was attacked by the freedom fighters at Malugram. As a result of the attack, the ammunition of the launch caught fire and the launch sank. 10 Pak soldiers were killed. 4 freedom fighters were martyred and 2 were injured. Upon receiving the news of the attack, a strong contingent of Pak army soldiers moved towards the freedom fighters’ position on another launch. On the way, the freedom fighters attacked them near Paragacha. After 2-3 hours of fighting, many Pak soldiers tried to escape from the launch and drowned. 70/80 Pak soldiers were killed and many were injured. The launch was also badly damaged and with great difficulty, the rest of the troops were able to escape from there.
  • At 5 pm, the freedom fighters attacked 20 boats and 3 speedboats of the Pak army near Kasbar. The commanding officer of the 3rd Punjab Regiment Lt. Colonel Zaman, along with 10 Pak soldiers and 1 captain, were killed and three speedboats and several boats were sunk.
  • In Tangail, the freedom fighters launched a surprise attack on the Pak army stationed at Dhonbari. Most of the Pak army soldiers there were either killed or wounded in this clash.
  • Freedom fighters led by Captain Idris, the Hamzapur sub-sector commander of Sector 7, took up a position near the main road at the Schoolpara of Hamzapur city. The guerrillas attacked when two trucks of the Pak army entered the ambush zone. The rear truck was rendered useless, but the front truck was able to escape with most of the Pak army soldiers who suffered casualties. The freedom fighters seized two mortars, several LMGs, several Chinese automatic rifles and a large quantity of ammunition.
  • In Jamalpur, freedom fighters set a mine on the Komolapur-Bakshiganj road in an ambush. The vehicle was destroyed in the mine blast; 7 Pak soldiers were killed and 6 others were injured.
  • In the Banpur sub-sector of Sector 8, the Mukti Bahini ambushed a group of Pak soldiers at Gayeshpur. 5 Pak soldiers were killed and 4 others were injured in the ambush.
  • When a group of Razakars came to Khatali village of the Dakop area in Khulna, freedom fighters surrounded them. In this situation, the Razakars surrendered along with their weapons.
  • Mukti Bahini guerrillas launched a surprise attack on the Pak army stationed near the Raipur area. The two sides clashed for 6 hours. In this clash, 50 Pak soldiers and 60/70 Razakars were killed; 34 non-Bengali EPRs and Razakars surrendered to the Mukti Bahini. On this side, 8 freedom fighters were martyred. Abul Bashar Bipul, the Razakar commander of Noakhali, was captured by the freedom fighters while on his way to Bagadia. Important information about the Pak army was obtained from him. He was later sentenced to death.
  • The government of Pakistan issued a press note regarding the by-elections. In the press note, the schedule of the remaining 6 vacant seats of the provincial council was announced. The election was to be held between December 18 and January 7.
  • The US government called on Congress to provide 150 million dollars in aid to the Pakistani government in the name of refugee resettlement.
  • A meeting of the PDP party’s executive committee was held at leader Nurul Amin’s Eskaton residence on this day. The meeting called on the central government to address the dissatisfaction in the province of East Pakistan regarding the central government’s discriminatory approach to centrally coordinated employment and development. The meeting called upon all members of the party to come forward for nation-building. The restructuring of the economy was also demanded. In the light of the 8 points of the PDP, autonomy was demanded in the province.

Translated by Mohammad Towhidul Islam
Editorial contribution by Arghya Raihan
Researched, compiled & Edited by Sagar Lohani


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