October 04, 1971


What happened on Monday, October 04, 1971

  • Acting President of the Government of Bangladesh Syed Nazrul Islam and Chief of Army Staff Colonel M A G Osmani visited several Mukti Bahini camps. They congratulated the members of the Mukti Bahini for multiple recent successful operations against the Pak army.
  • Freedom fighters attacked the Pak position at Harisardar Bazar, 5 miles north of Chauddagram, in Comilla, using 106 mm RRs (recoilless rifle) and 81 mm mortars. Several enemy bunkers were destroyed in the attack, and several Pak soldiers and 7 Razakars were killed or wounded.
  • In the Hakimpur sub-sector of Sector 8, a platoon of freedom fighters ambushed a group of Pak soldiers near Kakdanga. 6 Pak soldiers were killed and 5 others were wounded in the fierce exchange of fire between the two sides. The freedom fighters returned to their bases unharmed.
  • In the Hakimpur sub-sector of Sector 8, an ambush of the Mukti Bahini ambushed a group of Pak soldiers in the Sonabaria-Mandra area. 7 Pak soldiers were killed in this ambush.
  • Freedom fighters took up a position near the Chitolia Pak army base in Noakhali late at night. When the Pak army came out of their bunkers in the morning, the guerrillas attacked them with 3” mortars. Several Pak soldiers were killed and 1 of their RRs was destroyed.
  • The guerrillas had planted mines on the railway line near Mihirpur village of Gabtali area in Bogra a few days earlier. At 11 pm this night, a Pak army train was passing by and was destroyed by the mine blast. Several Pak soldiers and engineers were killed.
  • Mukti Bahini guerrillas ambushed a group of Razakars aiding the Pak army at the Golf Square near the eastern Naval Headquarters at Banani in Dhaka. 4 Razakars were killed in this attack.
  • The Mukti Bahini launched a three-pronged attack on the position of Pakistani troops at Bhatiapara in Kashiani of the Gopalganj subdivision. 30 Pak soldiers and 20 Razakars were killed in this operation. In retaliation, the Pakistanis counter-attacked with the help of helicopters. But in the face of fierce resistance from the freedom fighters, they were forced to retreat.
  • At Benapole in Jessore, 2 Razakars surrendered to freedom fighters.
  • The first meeting of the Rehabilitation Board was held under the chairmanship of Governor Dr. A M Malik. At the meeting, a special program was adopted for the rehabilitation of those who had been harmed and for economic reconstruction.
  • Education Minister and Jamaat leader Maulana Abbas Ali Khan visited Dhaka Polytechnic Institute on this day. He addressed a discussion meeting at the Pakistan Council Hall being held by the joint initiative of the Child Welfare Council and the Pakistan Council. Further on, he addressed a rally organized by Shaheen Fauj at the Islamic Academy Hall. He called upon the Shaheen Fauj members to work to become true Pakistanis. (The Shaheen Fauj was a Razakar force consisting of teenagers who were given arms. The ‘Shaheen Fauj’ was seen taking part in the arms parade at Dhaka Stadium – Editor).
  • Ghulam Azam presided over the second-day session of the Shura at the Jamaat-e-Islami Majlis. At the meeting, the district representatives of Jamaat presented reports on the activities in their respective districts.  Concern was expressed over the rise in commodity prices caused by poor transportation systems, due to the activities of ‘separatists’. The attack by the Indian Army ‘using the name of the Mukti Bahini’ was condemned.
  • The Feni subdivision Jamaat staff conference was held on this day. It was presided over by District Jamaat Secretary Maqbool Ahmed. Professor Mushfiqur Rahman presented the overall situation of the country to the party workers at the meeting. At this meeting, the party workers at the union level were given the responsibility to suppress the miscreants (freedom fighters).
  • In a press release, the PDP called for applications from candidates willing to contest the by-elections.

Translated by Mohammad Towhidul Islam
Editorial contribution by Arghya Raihan
Researched, compiled & Edited by Sagar Lohani


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