October 05, 1971


What happened on Tuesday, October 05, 1971

  • Upon receiving intelligence that the Razakars were looting in the Birulia and Medila villages near Bhaluka in Mymensingh, freedom fighters set out to attack the Razakars. After several hours of battles, when some Razakars were killed or wounded, the rest of them fled.
  • The freedom fighters set an ambush by cutting down some electricity pylons, near the Ujan Char in the Bancharam area in Comilla, and throwing them in the river. Upon receiving this news, the Pak army along with Mujahideen and Razakars came out in 3/4 launches to remove the pylons from the water. At that moment, the freedom fighters attacked and several of the invaders were killed, forcing the rest to retreat.
  • To the north of Comilla, guerrilla fighters of the Mukti Bahini attacked several patrols of the Pak army in the Ajlapur and Jambari areas. 15 Pak soldiers were killed and 20 wounded in these altercations. On this side, one freedom fighter was martyred and another was injured.
  • The freedom fighters destroyed a bridge 3 miles south of Chauddagram.
  • A group of 20 freedom fighters from Sylhet set an ambush at the Kumarshail village. When a group of Pak soldiers came into the ambush zone, the freedom fighters launched a surprise attack on them. 4 Pak soldiers were killed in this clash.
  • Mukti Bahini guerrillas attacked a Pak army jeep in the Dhaka Stadium area. 2 Pak army officers were killed and the jeep was destroyed as a result.
  • Freedom fighters carried out a daring operation against the Pak army at Pirgachha in Khulna. 3 soldiers, including a junior officer of the Pak army, were killed in the operation.
  • In Sector 2, the freedom fighters fought with the Pak army at Nayanpur. In this battle, 5 Pak soldiers were killed.
  • The Mukti Bahini destroyed the telecommunication system between Sunamganj and Sachna in Sylhet and cut off the communication lines of the Pak army.
  • The third-day meeting of the Surah was held at the Jamaat-e-Islami Majlis under the chairmanship of Ghulam Azam. A five-member committee headed by Ghulam Azam was formed at the meeting to manage the by-elections to the National and Provincial Councils. The members of the committee were: Nuruzzaman, Abdul Khaleq, Ghulam Sarwar, Shafiqullah.
  • A Q M Shafiqul Islam, vice-president of the Council Muslim League, and several others of the party, visited Pakistan. It was learned that they would visit several Western countries, including Canada, to sway world public opinion in favor of Pakistan.
  • Fred Evans, a very influential member of the British Commons, said that “Bangladesh is an independent sovereign state today. Today, the Bengalis have taken up arms against the invading Pakistani forces to establish this self-governing existence and to preserve the right to life of the seventy-five million people of Bangladesh. The battle they are fighting today is to liberate their country – to liberate it from the enemy.” He further said, “Every country in the world should come forward to solve the problem of Bangladesh. If the Bangladesh problem is not solved as soon as possible,  peace in this region of Asia will be disrupted. It must be resolved immediately”. He said, “The main problem in Bangladesh is the problem of human consciousness and human rights. We, the British, went to war against fascist Germany in 1939, and we are ready to fight against neo-fascists if necessary.”

Translated by Mohammad Towhidul Islam
Editorial contribution by Arghya Raihan
Researched, compiled & Edited by Sagar Lohani


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