October 06, 1971


What happened on Wednesday, October 06, 1971

  • Mukti Bahini guerrillas attacked the power substation near Maduna Ghat at the Halda River, near Chittagong city, and destroyed two transformers. Here freedom fighter Sepahi Mannan was shot and martyred.
  • The guerrillas blew up a bridge between Chagalnaiya and Muhuriganj.
  • A patrol of the Pak army fell into the freedom fighters ambush, near Durlavpur in Comilla, at 3 am. Several Pak soldiers, including an officer of the Engineering Corps, were killed in the clash.
  • Freedom fighters attacked the patrolling Pak army soldiers near Kumarshail village in Sylhet. In the subsequent, battle, several Pak soldiers were killed and one freedom fighter was injured.
  • After launching a surprise attack on the Pak soldiers guarding the Chagalnaiya BOP, the guerrillas swiftly retreated. Several Pak soldiers were killed and one freedom fighter was martyred in this attack.
  • Freedom fighters blew up the railway bridge between Dhumghat and Muhuriganj on the Dhaka-Chittagong railway line. As a result, the Dhaka-Chittagong rail link was temporarily shut down.
  • When freedom fighters launched a surprise attack on the Pak army units stationed at Ghoshpur, a border village in the Rajshahi district, there was a fierce exchange of fire between the two sides. Many Pak soldiers were killed in this clash. The freedom fighters seized a large number of arms and explosives.
  • At night, Mukti Bahini guerrillas attacked the Pak army stationed at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital. In this attack, 3 Razakars guarding the gate were killed and 2 others were injured.
  • The Mukti Bahini fighters at the Boyra sub-sector of Sector 8 ambushed a group of Pak soldiers at Pirgachha. 2 Pak soldiers were killed and 2 Razakars were injured in the ambush.
  • On the Dhaka-Chittagong road, Mukti Bahini guerrillas attacked two Pak army vehicles carrying supplies. In this attack, 3 Pak soldiers were killed and 1 vehicle was destroyed.
  • On the battlefields of Comilla, freedom fighters fought with the Pakistani forces at Gopinathpur, Chandina, Shardanodi and Nayanpur.
  • The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a proposal to provide all possible assistance to Pakistan.
  • Addressing the UN General Assembly, US Secretary of State Rogers referred to the events in East Pakistan as a purely internal matter of Pakistan. He recommended the transfer of those who had taken refuge in India, after fleeing for their lives from the Pak invader forces, back to Pakistan.
  • Chinese Consul General Xiao Chiuzhai said that the Chinese government and people would always support Pakistan against foreign aggression and other countries’ interference in its internal affairs.
  • A 15-member delegation from Jamiat Talaba Arabia met with Education Minister Abbas Ali Khan. The minister called upon the Jamiat leaders to build resistance against ‘miscreants’ in their respective locales and rebuild the country.
  • A rally of Muslim League (Qayyum) workers was held at the house of Abdus Sabur Khan. At the rally, Muslim League (Qayyum) chief Qayyum Khan said, “Through the state language movement, the Indian provocateurs started promoting language as the mainstay of the state instead of the religion of Islam. The main purpose of the language-based slogan was to destroy Pakistan.”
  • According to a report in Sangrami Bangla, 22 Pakistani military officers and more than 4,000 soldiers, Razakars have been killed in battle. The Mukti Bahini killed those enemy soldiers through nearly two and a half thousand commando attacks on different battlefields.

Translated by Mohammad Towhidul Islam
Editorial contribution by Arghya Raihan
Researched, compiled & Edited by Sagar Lohani


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