October 07, 1971


What happened on Thursday, October 07, 1971

  • “We understand that independence is the only political solution to the Bangladesh question,” said Indian Defense Minister Jagjivan Ram, in New Delhi. “We believe that Bengalis will one day gain independence and Bangladesh will get the status and recognition of an independent country. It is because they are fighting for justice and truth.”
  • Freedom fighters blew up the Radhanagar revenue collector’s office in Chittagong. At that time, the freedom fighters also launched a surprise attack on the Mokasia Pak army defense position.
  • The guerrillas of the Mukti Bahini were able to blow up a bridge between Chagalnaiya and Bilonia, despite the position being heavily guarded by the Pak army, who were armed with LMGs and machine guns.
  • Near Bidyakot in Brahmanbaria, the Pak army was attacked by freedom fighters while patrolling in several boats. 4 boats were sunk and several more were damaged. Several Pak soldiers were killed in this attack.
  • The Kaderia Bahini attacked the Pak army stationed at the Bhuapur police station. In this operation, the freedom fighters liberated Bhuapur police station. Here 70/80 Razakars were captured by the freedom fighters. 2 freedom fighters were martyred in the battle.
  • In Sector 2, freedom fighters led by Captain Gaffar attacked the Pak army bases at Baradasua, Chandla, Kaimpur and Gobindpur, as per the plan to capture the Shalda river railway station. When the Pak army counter-attacked, there was a massive clash between the two sides. In this attack, Naib Subedar Siraj, Subedar Mangal Mia and Subedar Belayet of the Mukti Bahini led their platoons and took up a position at the east, facing the north-west direction.
  • Freedom fighters carried out a successful operation against the Pak army at Magurapara in Rajshahi. In this operation, 3 Pak soldiers and 4 Pak policemen were killed.
  • Intense clashes took place between the freedom fighters and the Pakistani army at Mughalhat in Dinajpur and Lalmonirhat.
  • Dr. A M Malik included three more ministers in his Cabinet. The new ministers were A K Mosharraf Hossain of the PDP, Jasimuddin Ahmed and an advocate for the Muslim League (Qayyum), Mujibur Rahman.
  • Assistant Resident Representative of the World Bank Shigomoto Kariyama met with Food and Agriculture Minister Nawazesh Ahmed.
  • Lt. General Niazi inaugurated the newly constructed airbase at Syedpur. “Those who want to create conflict between us by raising language issues are the enemies of Pakistan,” Niazi said at the rally marking the inauguration of the airbase. “We will survive as a united Muslim nation and thwart the enemy’s nefarious intentions.”
  • “Syria is keen to see the preservation of the unity of Pakistan and a peaceful environment in East Pakistan,” the representative of Syria told the UN.

Portrate used as Photo Feature: United News of India

Translated by Mohammad Towhidul Islam
Editorial contribution by Arghya Raihan
Researched, compiled & Edited by Sagar Lohani


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