October 08, 1971


What happened on Friday, October 08, 1971

  • Justice Abu Sayeed Chowdhury, the Special Representative of the Government of Bangladesh in London, was attacked by a group of Pakistanis trying to disrupt a rally he was speaking at to create public opinion in favor of Bangladesh. He was slightly injured.
  • On their way to Bagerpara in Ponashail, Mymensingh, a group of Razakars came under attack by the freedom fighters, with the Razakars receiving several casualties. On the same day, freedom fighters raided another Razakar camp and captured it. Here also the Razakars received casualties. From this camp, the freedom fighters seized 4 rifles and 1200 rounds of ammunition.
  • Freedom fighters attacked the Guthuma Pak army base in Chittagong while they were making a Roll Call that evening. A few Pak soldiers were killed in this action.
  • A number of Pak soldiers were killed when Mukti Bahini guerrillas launched a surprise attack on the Pak soldiers patrolling at Purbadebpur in Chittagong.
  • A group of guerrillas blew up a train engine with a mine, near Gosairhat railway station.
  • On this day, Mukti Bahini guerrillas attacked the Pak army patrols on the Jail-Road of Brahmanbaria, killing some of the Pak soldiers and seizing their weapons.
  • The Pak army attacked the guerrilla base in Ujanchar, traveling via a few launches. The freedom fighters tried their best to repel the attack, but after attacks by Pak air support, the guerrillas had to abandon their position.
  • In Sector 2, the Mukti Bahini launched a surprise attack on the four bases of the Pak army’s Shalda river position from three directions. In this fierce attack by the freedom fighters, the Pak army abandoned two of the bases and took shelter in the remaining two bases. Subedar Belayet quickly crossed the Shalda River with his army and took up a position in the bunkers abandoned by the Pak army. As a result, the Pak army lost its connection between the Shalda river railway station to the market area. At the end of this battle, the Shalda River railway station was liberated.
  • Although the freedom fighters could not defeat the defenses of the Gopalpur police station by firing mortar shells all day, when Major Hakim performed recon on the position of the attackers, a 12/13 year old freedom fighter of Major Hakim’s company, Bhulu, disguised himself and infiltrated the base of the attackers, before using grenades on the enemy. 8 invading soldiers were killed in this tragically heroic action.
  • The Mukti Bahini attacked the Pak invaders at Chowka, a village on the north-western border of Rajshahi. 5 Pak soldiers were killed.
  • In Sector 8, the Mukti Bahini attacked two platoons of Pak troops stationed at Mathuranagar. When the Pak army counter-attacked, there was a four-hour exchange of fire between the two sides. In this clash, 15 Pak soldiers were killed and 4 others were injured. On this side, 3 freedom fighters were injured.
  • In the Betai sub-sector of Sector 8, the freedom fighters launched a fierce attack on the Pak army stationed at Kamdebpur. In this attack, 30 Pak soldiers and Razakars were killed.
  • An agreement was signed between the Pakistani government and the US government for the US to provide Tk 50 million for use in East Pakistan.
  • Education Minister Abbas Ali Khan told a congregation of Pak collaborators at Bogra’s Altafunnesa Maidan that India was not allowing the refugees to return, despite there now being an environment in the country conducive to them coming back. He emphasized the need to shape the education system to inculcate the belief in the ideals of two-nation theory among the people.
  • Nurul Amin told a PPI correspondent that he had summoned back Mahmud Ali, the member attending the UN session, since his presence was needed to determine the party’s program in the upcoming elections.

Translated by Mohammad Towhidul Islam
Editorial contribution by Arghya Raihan
Researched, compiled & Edited by Sagar Lohani


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