October 10, 1971


What happened on Sunday, October 10, 1971

  • Indian Foreign Minister Sardar Sharan Singh spoke in New Delhi, saying that, “World public opinion is in favor of Bangladesh. Foreign aid for refugees will not provide a political solution to the Bangladesh crisis. The political solution for the Bangladesh government will have to mean an acceptable solution to the Bangladesh government.”
  • In a surprise attack on the position of the Pak invaders at Barobazar in Chittagong, the freedom fighters killed several Pak soldiers.
  • A team of Pak Rangers was attacked by the freedom fighters, while on their way to Ramganj from Laxmipur in Noakhali. One Ranger was killed and several others were injured.
  • Freedom fighters attacked the Kalachara Razakar camp in Sylhet this morning. 5 Razakars were captured by the guerrillas and one 303 Rifle was seized.
  • The Mukti Bahini launched an operation against the Pak army at Kulaura in Sylhet. 5 Pak soldiers were killed in this operation. Later, 2 Razakars surrendered to the freedom fighters, along with weapons.
  • The Mukti Bahini ambushed a platoon of Pak soldiers in the Boira sub-sector of Sector 8. In this ambush, 4 Pak soldiers were killed and 2 Razakars were taken to prison.
  • In the Gojadanga sub-sector of Sector 8, freedom fighters launched a fierce attack on the Madhabkathi base of the Pak army. The attack killed 30 Pak soldiers and wounded 20 others. On this side, one freedom fighter was injured.
  • In Tangail, the Kaderia Bahini destroyed the only large, paved bridge in Porabari and another side bridge to secure the Charabari and Porabari ghats (river docks). In Santosh, the bridge adjacent to the house of Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani and some distant Belta bridges were destroyed and subsequently, the area was liberated from the Pak invaders.
  • Freedom fighters laid mines on the Rajshahi-Nawabganj railway line in Sector 7, leading to several rail cars, including the engine, of a military train being destroyed. Several Pak soldiers were killed in this operation.
  • On this day, several Pak soldiers were killed in the attack by the freedom fighters on the Pak invaders stationed at Islampur in Rajshahi. One freedom fighter was also injured here.
  • In the Amanura area of ​​Rajshahi, several rail cars, including the engine, of a train carrying Pak army soldiers, fell off of the railway line after mines set by freedom fighters on the railway line went off. Several soldiers were killed.
  • On the river Jamuna, the freedom fighters carried out a daring operation on a gunboat of the Pakistani army. During the operation, the Pak army’s gunboat was destroyed and sunk.
  • According to a report received from Mujibnagar on 11 October, “The Bangladesh government has undertaken a massive program to expand the Mukti Bahini. Recruitment is ongoing in different places in Bangladesh for this purpose. Above all, arrangements have been made to acquaint the freedom fighters with the latest weapons.”
  • A delegation of the People’s Party led by Mian Mahmud Ali Kasuri visited Dhaka. Arriving in Dhaka, Mian Mahmud Ali Kasuri told reporters that he had come to Dhaka to strengthen the friendship between the people of East and West Pakistan. Through this delegation, Bhutto sent a message to the people of East Pakistan. In his message, Bhutto said that “A new chapter in the life of the nation must be started. India is conspiring to kill Pakistanis with Pakistanis. For this, they are using a class of anti-socials. We have to stand united against it.”
  • A meeting of the pro-Pakistani forces was held at Chhatak Bazar in Sylhet. At the meeting, Sylhet District Peace Committee convener and Muslim League leader Shahid Ali said, “The nation is facing a great challenge today. To save the country, every patriot has to build resistance in an organized manner. The Peace Committee and the Razakars will have to take full responsibility for establishing peace in their areas.”

Translated by Mohammad Towhidul Islam
Editorial contribution by Arghya Raihan
Researched, compiled & Edited by Sagar Lohani


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