October 14, 1971


What happened on Thursday, October 14, 1971

  • A group of freedom fighters led by Commander Nawazeshuddin clashed with the Pakistani army at Bhurungamari and Jaymonirhat. According to the established plan, the group led by Subedar Abdul Wahab and the group led by Subedar Mazharul Haque attacked the frontal position of the Pak army and the Jaymonirhat main base in support of Indian artillery. The Pakistanis faced a rout; the Mukti Bahini captured a captain of the Pakistani artillery and six soldiers of the 25th Punjab, defeated the defending Pak army and took full control of the Bhurungamari and Jaymonirhat bases. The freedom fighters seized a large number of arms and ammunition from the Pak army.
  • Another raiding party of the 4th Bengal launched a surprise attack on the Chattara position of the Pak army; they blew up a bunker with a rocket and killed 15 Pak soldiers.
  • The day after the retreat on 13 October, just as the Pak army was continuing to fall back further west of Kasba, a platoon of guerrillas ambushed a Pak army group. 15 Pak soldiers and 15 Razakars were killed in the ambush. An LMG of the freedom fighters broke in the fight.
  • A group of 60 freedom fighters from Sylhet set an ambush near the Kalikapur tea garden. Almost a full company of enemy troops arrived at the area and fired on the guerrillas. The freedom fighters retaliated with LMGs, rifles and 2” mortars; 1 Razakar was killed and 2 Punjabi soldiers were injured.
  • The Mukti Bahini attacked a platoon of Pak troops at Sadipur in the Bangaon sub-sector of Sector 8. In this attack, 3 Pak soldiers were killed.
  • Major Mohsinuddin Ahmed, the commander of the C Company, attacked and captured Tengratila. The company commander then decided to attack the Doarabazar. On their way there, the company was crossing a river when the Pak army attacked from all sides. Since the guerrillas were surrounded in the middle of the river, the freedom fighters retreated to Banglabazar without trying to resist the surprise attack by the Pak army.
  • A group of guerrillas reached Golohori of the Durgapur area, on the instructions of the Sheikhpara sub-sector commander of the Mukti Bahini. To create confusion among the Pak army, another group of guerrillas started firing their weapons close to Golohori and the Pak invaders attacked them, taking the bait. When the Pak army started crossing the bamboo bridge, the freedom fighters started firing. Here, 73 Pak soldiers and 2 officers were killed.
  • This morning a Pak army launch on its way to Chhatak was attacked with a rocket and sunk. 9 Pak soldiers were killed, and 9, including Razakar Isahak, were captured by guerrillas. 14 rifles were recovered here. 3 freedom fighters were injured in this day-long battle.
  • With the help of the Pak collaborators of the Peace Committee, the Pak invaders attacked the village of Nazirpur in Pabna. A group of 200/250 people surrounded the entire village and gathered all the villagers; taking the young men who could potentially have been freedom fighters to a canal, the invaders killed them by cutting their throats and running them through with bayonets. Their corpses were dumped in the canal. 57 innocent people were martyred on this day at the hands of the invaders and their brutal torture. After the massacre, the attackers set fire to about 500 houses in Nazirpur village.
  • In Feni district, a company of freedom fighters attacked the Pak army’s Parashuram base with mortars. From Feni, the Pak army launched a fierce attack on the position of the freedom fighters with artillery strikes. The artillery of the Mukti Bahini counter-attacked the Pak army at Feni. The two-hour battle left 10 Pak soldiers dead and 16 wounded.
  • The Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi spoke at a public meeting in Belgaon, saying that, “India will not start a war against Pakistan. But India is ready to deal with any situation.” She said that “The refugees of Bangladesh must return home safely and with dignity. Any political solution to the Bangladesh crisis must be acceptable to the Awami League.”
  • Following the remarks of the People’s Party Chairman Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Justice A R Cornelius, one of the framers of the proposed constitution and legal adviser to the President, tendered his resignation.
  • Mia Tofail, the acting ameer of the Pakistan Jamaat-e-Islami, assured President Yahya Khan that Jamaat-e-Islami activists would work alongside the army in dealing with any kind of attack or other calamities that befell Pakistan.

Translated by Mohammad Towhidul Islam
Editorial contribution by Arghya Raihan
Researched, compiled & Edited by Sagar Lohani


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