October 16, 1971


What happened on Saturday, October 16, 1971

  • Two platoons of the Mukti Bahini launched another surprise attack on the Salda base of the Pak army at 3:30 pm this day. In this 20 minute operation, the freedom fighters killed 5 Pak soldiers and wounded 10 others; they returned safely to their base afterward.
  • Pak army vehicles frequently used the road next to Pilkhana that led the New Market. A Dhaka city guerrilla group planted mines on that road. At 9:30 pm on 16 October, a Pak army jeep was patrolling the road when it was destroyed by a mine. 4 Pak soldiers were killed and 2 others were seriously injured in the explosion.
  • A group of guerrillas went to Kumarasail on a mission to harass and unsettle the enemy. They fired at the enemy bunkers with LMGs and rifles. The enemy returned fire at the guerrillas from Shahbazpur, using 3” mortar shells and using medium machine guns, from Boiragitila. After a long exchange of gunfire, the freedom fighters returned to their camp.
  • At around 4.30 pm, guerrillas attacked the Pak army’s Parshuram position, injuring 10 people and blowing up a bunker.
  • On the same day, naval commandos led by Alam, a soldier who had defected and escaped from the Pakistan Navy, carried out a daring operation at Chalna port. In this operation, the Mukti Bahini Frogmen destroyed four ships, including the Lightning and the Al-Murtaza.
  • In Dinajpur, the Mukti Bahini launched a surprise attack on the Pak army stationed at Boalganj, using mortars. 17 Pak soldiers were killed in this attack. In another clash at night, 10 Pak soldiers were killed.
  • A group of freedom fighters shelled the Pak army positions at Lalmonirhat and Thakurgaon. After a successful operation, the freedom fighters returned to their bases safely.
  • In Dhaka, Pakistani collaborators set fire to the locked residence of Justice Abu Sayeed Chowdhury on Mymensingh Road.
  • This morning, two hours of talks took place in Tehran between Pakistani President Yahya and Soviet President Nikolai Padagarni. Yahya called on Nikolai Padgarni to take necessary steps to safeguard the integrity and unity of Pakistan.
  • In the evening, Yugoslav President Marshal Tito and Pakistani President Yahya Khan met in private in Tehran.
  • The Election Commission of Pakistan announced the by-election symbols in a press note. The announcement further said that the symbol that each party had contested the last election with would be allotted the same way this time as well.
  • UN Assistant Secretary-General Paulmark Henry told the press at a news conference that although the guerrillas were not able to do anything against the army, they were obstructing the distribution of relief supplies.
  • The Ameer (head) of East Pakistan Jamaat-e-Islami Ghulam Azam said at a public meeting in Dhaka, “We have to get rid of the suicidal idea that India will come and make East Pakistan independent, and then leave.”
  • Mahmud Ali, who returned to Dhaka on Nurul Amin’s urgent summons, told APP, “Pakistan is sincerely interested in bringing back Pakistani citizens and has taken steps to do so. But India is making excuses to delay the matter.”

Translated by Mohammad Towhidul Islam
Editorial contribution by Arghya Raihan
Researched, compiled & Edited by Sagar Lohani


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