October 21, 1971


What happened on Thursday, October 21, 1971

  • In Sector 3, Havildar Akmal besieged the Pakistani base at Monohardi with almost a company of guerrillas. During the siege, the EPR soldiers who were with the Pakistanis sided with Havildar Akmal and the war began. This battle lasted for several hours. Eventually, about 25 Pak soldiers died. The remaining 11 surrendered to the guerrillas. While taking the surrendered Pak soldiers to the headquarters, the angry mob beat many to death and the freedom fighters were able to take only 4 people to the headquarters.
  • An ambush was carried out in the Amjadnagar area of ​​Chittagong this morning. 1 Pak soldier was killed and 3 militiamen were wounded. A local civilian was killed in the random shooting. On the same day, a group of Pak army and militia in 5 rickshaws on their way to Chandgazi was attacked by guerrillas at 12:30 am and 3 Pak soldiers were killed and 1 rickshaw driver was killed.
  • 5 Pak soldiers were killed in another ambush at Barapanua near Ramgarh.
  • Two platoons of soldiers in an ambush waiting for Pakistani patrol near Mirdhabazar. A guerrilla force was also sent to South Jodhpur as a cut-off party. When the Pakistani forces approached the ambush, they came under heavy fire. The battle continued and the Pak army started gathering from Chagalnaiya to Jodhpur. In these two ambushes, the freedom fighters used 2″ mortars, LMGs and rifles. 10 Pak soldiers were killed and 15 wounded.
  • Two groups of 15 freedom fighters attacked the Razakar group guarding the Farhadpur bridge. The freedom fighters took control of the bridge by destroying enemy bunkers on both sides of the bridge and expelling the Razakars and they blew up the bridge with explosives.
  • At Shahbazpur in Sylhet, when a Pak army of about 90 soldiers tried to advance towards the border, two Jitter Party of 50 freedom fighters ambushed them from both sides. The enemy fled, but their defenses fired heavily at the guerrillas from Boga and Shahbazpur.
  • A meeting between Pakistani President Yahya Khan and PPP leader Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was held in Rawalpindi.
  • Mia Mahmud Ali Kasuri, vice-president of the People’s Party in Dhaka, told a press conference that the freedom fighters have become a threat to the lives of those who want to participate in the by-elections. If this threat continues and the situation deteriorates, the PPP will boycott the by-elections. He demanded the personal security of the party members.
  • UN Secretary-General U’ Thant has proposed to the United Nations to appoint the UN as a mediator to ease tensions between India and Pakistan.
  • In the by-election of the National Assembly, the names of 192 candidates were declared in 75 out of 78 vacant seats. Of these, 11 candidates are likely to be elected unopposed.

Translated by Mohammad Towhidul Islam
Editorial contribution by Arghya Raihan
Researched, compiled & Edited by Sagar Lohani


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