September 1, 1971


What happened on Wednesday, September 1, 1971

  • Mukti Bahini platoon commander Ayub Ali and section commander Amjad Hossain attacked the Pak army’s Mallikbari base near Bhaluka in the Mymensingh district. 12 Razakars were killed and several others were injured in the attack.
  • On this day, guerrillas of the Mukti Bahini attacked the Nawabganj police station. In this attack, all the weapons of the police station were seized by the guerrillas.
  • The guerrillas fired light machine guns at the boat when the boat came under ambush while Daroga (Chief Inspector of Police) along with 70 Pak soldiers and 70 West Pakistani policemen were on their way to the boat at 5 pm. The Pak army soldiers, West Pakistani policemen and the Daroga (Chief Inspector) were killed when the boat sank.
  • In Dhaka’s Azimpur, guerrillas attacked a Razakar group, killing 4 of them and seizing 4 rifles and 60 rounds of ammunition.
  • In Tongi, guerrillas also attacked a Razakar camp, killing several Razakars and seizing 4 rifles.
  • At around 4 pm, freedom fighters launched a surprise attack on the Mandabhag and Narayanpur positions of the Pak army with the help of 3” mortars. The Pak army was unprepared for such a sudden and failed to mount a proper counter-attack. One Pak army commander was killed. Three bunkers were destroyed, five soldiers were killed and 7 others were injured in the Narayanpur Mukti Bahini attack.
  • 16 Pak soldiers and 24 Razakars were killed in a battle in the Chalna area. The freedom fighters seized 1 LMG MK-1, 12 LMG magazines, 4 Mark-3 rifles, 2 Mark-4 rifles, 1 magazine box and 7 large wooden boats.
  • Freedom fighters shelled the Raghunathpur base of the Pak army in the Bangaon sub-sector of Sector 8. The Pak army did not respond in any way to the attack. The extent of the damage sustained by the Pak army in this attack is not known.
  • In the Shikarpur sub-sector of Sector 8, freedom fighters attacked the Maheshkandi base of the Pak army with the help of mortars and SLRs. The Pak army retaliated with mortars and MMGs. Five Pak soldiers were killed in the fierce clash between the two sides. The freedom fighters returned to their bases safely.
  • The Mukti Bahini’s guerrillas planted two explosives on the Dhaka-Daudkandi road and destroyed the Barunia and Bhaberchar bridges. As a result, the Dhaka-Comilla communication lines used by the Pak invaders were completely cut off.
  • The Bangladesh Mission was officially inaugurated in New Delhi, India.
  • Pakistan’s 6th Deputy Martial Law Administrator summoned 13 CSP officers to the military court. Those ordered to appear before the military court by September 8 were: 1) Khandaker Asaduzzaman, 2) Hossain Tawfiq Imam, 3) Abdus Samad, 4) Nurul Quader Khan, DC Pabna, 5) Syed Abdus Samad, Deputy Secretary, 6) Kudrat Elahi Chowdhury, ADC Rajshahi, 6) Khasruzzaman, SDO Kishoreganj, 6) Kazi Rakibuddin, SDO Brahmanbaria, 9) Waliul Islam, SDO Magura, 10) Akbar Ali Khan, SDO Habiganj, 11) Kamal Siddiqui, SDO Narail, 12), SDO Meherpur, 13) Sadat Hussain, Assistant Commissioner.
  • “If India goes too far, it will have to fight an all-out war,” President Yahya said in an interview with Le Figaro, a newspaper published in Paris. “Everything is now under the military’s control, except for a few borders.” In response to a particular question, he said, “By banning the Awami League, we have expelled the traitors from the country”
  • The Daily News from Karachi headlined ‘Mujib’s trial will be completed in the next two weeks’ informed that, “Yesterday (August 31), Pakistan’s Ambassador Aga Shahi briefed Secretary General U’Thant on new steps taken by the Pakistani government to boost the country’s confidence. He told reporters in New York that “You know that the President of Pakistan has taken some steps to win the confidence of the country and we are thinking of taking further steps in this regard.” He further added that these steps would be implemented ‘within the next 2/3 weeks’. Asked about the trial of East Pakistan Awami League Leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, he said that the trial had started on August 11 and would end within the next two weeks. He further added that Sheikh Mujib had been accused of waging war against the state and inciting insurgency and violence. The ambassador declined to comment on where Sheikh Mujib’s trial is taking place, but said that according to Sheikh Mujib’s choice, A K Brohi, one of Pakistan’s best constitutional lawyers, is taking part in the case on behalf of Sheikh Mujib.”

Translated by Mohammad Towhidul Islam
Editorial contribution by Arghya Raihan
Researched, compiled & Edited by Sagar Lohani


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