September 25, 1971


What happened on Saturday, September 25, 1971

  • On the evening of 24 September, in Sector 2, a group of guerrillas launched a surprise attack near Galimpur on a Pak Army launch named ML Pointer on their way to Nawabganj. After a night-long battle, the Pak army was finally defeated by the guerrilla fighters at noon on 25 September. In this battle, 46 soldiers of the Pak Army, including Captain Zafar Ali Khan and Subedar Abdullah, were killed and the launch was sunk. On this side, freedom fighters Abdur Rahim and Muhammad Ali were martyred.
  • Enayet and Abul Hossain, guerrilla fighters of the Mukti Bahini in Dhaka, hurled grenades at the car of Maulana Mohammad Ishaq, central leader of Nezami Islami and Minister for Basic Democracy and Local Autonomy in the provincial government, on the road in front of the Medical College Hospital. Maulana Mohammad Ishaq, alongside a student leader of Nezami Islami and the driver of the vehicle, were seriously injured.
  • In Sector 1, a 15-member guerrilla group of the Mukti Bahini ambushed the Pak army at a place called Guthuma. 3 Pak soldiers were killed in this ambush.
  • In Sector 1, freedom fighters launched a fierce attack on the Champaknagar BOP position of the Pak army with rocket launchers. In this attack, many bunkers of the Pak army were destroyed and 5 soldiers were killed.
  • A group of Pak army and Razakars was attacked by a group of freedom fighters near Payalgachha, while they were on their way back from an operation at Narayanpur village south of Comilla. The guerrillas continued to attack until their ammunition was fully depleted. Several Pak soldiers and 28 Razakars were killed, and 13 Pak soldiers and 16 Razakars were injured. 5 guerrillas were martyred in this battle.
  • Three separate units of the Pak army simultaneously attacked a platoon of freedom fighters stationed at a village called Teblai in Chhatak with modern firearms. After a short battle, the freedom fighters changed their tactics and retreated to Banshtala, the headquarters of the Mela sub-sector. After accumulating strength from Banshtala HQ, the freedom fighters counter-attacked again and the Pak army units broke. In this 4-hour long battle, 4 Pak soldiers were killed and many were wounded. On this side, 1 freedom fighter was martyred.
  • While they were returning from an operation, a Pak army group was attacked by guerrillas at Diyotali in Sylhet. 1 freedom fighter was injured in the retaliatory firing of the Pak army.
  • According to the battle report of Faridpur Sub-Sector Commander Nur Mohammad, freedom fighters conducted a daring operation at Bhatiapara in Faridpur, killing 17 Pak soldiers and wounding 9 others. The freedom fighters destroyed the Bhatiapara wireless station. In another operation, 85 Pak policemen and Razakars were killed in an attack by the freedom fighters at Vedharganj.
  • The guerrillas attacked the Parashuram and Anantapur Pak positions after the Pak army at Salda was driven out due to the successive attacks of the freedom fighters on the Pak position at Salda river for several days. The joint operation by Mukti Bahini artillery and guerrilla groups lasted for two days. In these two battles, several Pak soldiers were killed and 10 wounded.
  • At a reception for two ministers nominated by Jamaat-e-Islami, Abbas Ali Khan and A K M Yusuf, Jamaat provincial president Ghulam Azam said he was not willing to accept Bengali nationalism without  Muslim nationalism. “Jamaat activists are sacrificing themselves in the struggle to keep Pakistan intact. Almost all the martyrs for the country so far are Jamaat party workers,” He said. Ghulam Azam also gave explanations as to why Jamaat leaders had joined a cabinet that had not been constituted according to the law.
  • A government spokesman in Karachi announced that Khandaker Abdul Hamid, a journalist with the daily Ittefaq, was among the Pakistani delegates visiting countries abroad to present the real situation in East Pakistan to the world, to counteract against Indian propaganda.
  • US Consul General in Dhaka Herbert Daniel Spivak called on Jamaat leader Abbas Ali Khan.
  • In a letter to UN Secretary General U Thant, Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary Sultan Mohammad protested India’s interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs. “It is sad to acknowledge that some member states of the United Nations have endangered international peace and security by engaging in undermining and destroying the actual principles of the United Nations in the name of upholding those selfsame principles of the United Nations,” the letter said.

Translated by Mohammad Towhidul Islam
Editorial contribution by Arghya Raihan
Researched, compiled & Edited by Sagar Lohani


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