September 27, 1971


What happened on Monday, September 27, 1971

  • Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi left for Moscow on a three-day official visit to discuss ‘Bangladesh’.
  • The guerrillas of the Mukti Bahini attacked a group of Pak soldiers while they were on their way to their camp at the Dohar police station carrying supplies from Magula market. In this attack, 14 Pak soldiers were killed and 8 others were wounded. The guerrilla fighters seized all the supplies from the Pak soldiers.
  • In Sector 4, freedom fighters ambushed a group of Pak soldiers on their way to Barail Camp with supplies. Two Pak soldiers were killed in this ambush.
  • The Pak army attacked the freedom fighter camp at Kumarshail in Sylhet. Several bunkers at the camp were destroyed in the 1-hour attack.
  • When a group of Razakars came to patrol in the Garuikhali village of Khulna’s Paikgachha, freedom fighters surrounded them. Consequently, the entire group of Razakars surrendered to the freedom fighters, along with their weapons.
  • In Sector 6, the freedom fighters, led by Commander Mottalib and Commander S M Farooq, engaged in a fierce battle with the Pak army at Hili. The Assam Regiment and BSF artillery units of the Indian Army assisted in the attack. Four Pak soldiers were killed in this battle which lasted for two and a half hours. On this side, the commander of the freedom fighters Mottalib was wounded by a mortar shell. The attack destroyed parts of the Hili Railway with the help of mines.
  • The freedom fighters launched a surprise attack on the Pak army in the Gafargaon area of ​​Mymensingh. 2 Pak soldiers were killed in the clash.
  • Freedom fighters attacked the Ramchandrapur base of the Pak army at Nawabganj with mortars. 7 Pak soldiers were killed.
  • After the Pak army soldiers were defeated twice while on their way to Nawabganj by the river, they attempted an advance towards Nawabganj on foot. A strong group of 50 guerrillas attacked this force near Galimpur. The attack killed 35 soldiers, including a Pak captain, and wounded many more. The rest of the Pak army dispersed and fled. The freedom fighters seized 1 LMG, 3 sten guns, several rifles and a large quantity of ammunition from the Pak army.
  • Speaking at the UN General Assembly, Indian Foreign Minister Sardar Sharan Singh referred to the situation in Bangladesh and called on Pakistanis to release Bangladesh leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and come to a settlement with the Awami League, to create an environment that would make it possible for the return of the refugees in India.
  • A delegation of the Madrasa Teachers’ Association led by Maulana M A Mannan called on the Martial Law Administrator of B Zone, Lt. General Niazi. Upon meeting Niazi, M A Manna presented him with a Qur’an as a gift and said, “For the security of Pakistan, the ulama and the madrasa teachers are ready to cooperate with Lt. General Niazi fully to thwart the treasonous troublemakers.”

Translated by Mohammad Towhidul Islam
Editorial contribution by Arghya Raihan
Researched, compiled & Edited by Sagar Lohani


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