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Six years back, on December 1, 2015, Pakistan’s claim was a blatant lie, “Pakistan also rejected insinuation of complicity in committing crimes or war atrocities.”

If it was not Pakistan, then who had committed the crimes, the torture of 65 million people, deportation of 10 million people, the killing of 3 million people, rape of 4 hundred thousand women, arson, destruction, looting of billions of rupees during the nine-month war in 1971? Who had surrendered to the combined armed forces of Bangladesh and India in the afternoon of December 16, 1971, at Dhaka? Why did Pakistan feel sorry to a certain extent for committing the crime in the tripartite agreement of 1974? Why did Pakistan never reject the Hamuoodur Rahman Commission report, which was formed by Pakistan, found involvement of its army in war crimes?

It is high time, Pakistan, to apologize for your heinous crimes committed against unarmed Bangladeshi civilians in 1971.

It is the responsibility of the governments of Bangladesh and the countries around the world who are fighting to stop the crimes against humanities, to try Pakistan at the International Criminal Court for their war crimes.

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